Who Needs Our Help?

Every year in the United States and Canada landlords lose more than $37 billion to unpaid rent, property damages, evictions, and legal fees. It often takes more than 24 months to financially recover from one bad tenant. In many cases the costs associated with evicting the tenant puts small landlords on the verge of personal insolvency.


We know that a landlords greatest fear is a bad tenant. Irrelevant of how many rental units you may have, nothing else puts your rental business at risk like making the wrong tenant decision. We also know that typical screening services are outdated, not user friendly, and often not worth the prices charged. We set out to change that. We built the Naborly Report to be accessible to landlords of all sizes and to ensure that every report was measurably valuable to the person who receives it. Our screening product goes beyond what you've come to expect from other services like credit and rent checks, and utilizes new technologies that solve some of the rental industries oldest problems.


Naborly benefits property managers and real estate professionals by not only giving them access to better screening data and tools, but by automating the tedious work of performing tenant due diligence. Naborly's reports are incredibly thorough and user-friendly so you and your clients can easily understand the risks and benefits of each applicant. Our screen times are fast and our systems are fully compliant with Fair Housing and Fair Credit legislation, eliminating the need for your office to deal with complex credit compliance or waiting 24 hours for 3rd parties screening services.


Most Real Estate and Rental Management Software Platforms are expected to offer tenant screening, credit and background checks, and evictions searches as the table stakes for their business. Naborly offers a plug-and-play API solution that eliminates the cost and time associated with finding, establishing, and maintaining relationships with data vendors. We go further by providing you with user-friendly reports that leverage AI to deliver incomparable analysis.

Experience The DifferenceNaborly Makes


Results delivered in under 90 minutes. Naborly is dedicated to delivering the fastest results without compromising accuracy. Our screenings are the fastest across the US & Canada.


Our dedicated staff conduct screenings during office business hours of Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm EST. We are at your service, so if you have any questions or require any assistance please call, email, or live chat with us directly.


Our technology is complex but the goal is to help real people make better decisions. In that spirit we designed the Naborly Report to be an easy read regardless of the users level of expertise.


We know that the best tenant screening requires real people and technology working together. Our algorithm and Trained Tenant Analysts ensure you always get the best results.


Naborly brings landlords and property managers incredible value at the best prices in our industry.



By using Naborly you get to automate and outsource your tenant screening due diligence activities such as data gathering, Identity, Income, and Employment verification, and more.

Trusted Results.

Naborly is trusted by the world's largest landlords, property management firms because our tenant analysis system has been proven to eliminate risk in their rental portfolios.

"There was a pre-Naborly MNR and post-Naborly MNR. I don't think we could go back to the way things were before."

- Audrey Silcone, Property Manager, MNR

"I love the service and I think its a fantastic tool for us to use as landlords.  We will be long term customers."

- Dave Andersen, Landlord

Naborly's technology is the clear leader in Tenant Screening, their infrastructure, their reports, and their customer service is unparalleled. It was easy to see that for us to deliver on our vision to build a great end-to-end property management platform we had to partner with Naborly.

- Philipp Postrohovsky, COO, RentMoola

"Naborly offers a truly unique service that allows prospective tenants to connect with landlords, creating a positive ecosystem that facilitates seamless consent-based exchange of data. This process helps people to find the right home faster and easier, while at the same time the landlord better understands the needs of those tenants."

- Chris Briggs, CMO, Equifax Canada

“This is an awesome service. You guys are taking the screening process to the next level. Thank you!”

- Andrel Wisdom, Landlord

Don't risk another bad tenant.