How do I create an account?

To register, please click here or visit:

How much does it cost to join Naborly?

To join Naborly and start using our services there is a $50 annual fee. We have two types of screenings, Basic for $29.99 and Pro for $49.99. To learn more about what is included in each type of screening visit our pricing page. You will only be charged for a screening once the you receive a Naborly Report.

What type of payments does Naborly accept?

Naborly accepts most major credit cards and debit cards.

Is the screening cost per applicant?

Yes. Naborly’s screening process and pricing is per individual applicant. Each person who will occupy the rental unit or will be co-signing should complete a Naborly application.

How do I send a Naborly application?

After signing up for Naborly, log into your Naborly dashboard. Press “Send Application” and input the prospective tenant’s email and press “Send”.

Can applicants use mobile devices when filling out the online application form? 

Yes. Naborly supports both Apple and Android mobile devices. Our online application form is mobile viewer friendly.

Can a tenant use their own credit file?

To avoid fraudulent credit reports and help verify an applicant’s identity, Naborly has to pull credit directly from Equifax. Additionally the Naborly Report includes information that is not available in most consumer credit files.

Does pulling credit affect a tenant’s credit score?

When Naborly pulls credit on a potential renter the credit inquiry is listed on their credit report as a Tenancy Related Pull. It is not the same as pulling credit for a loan.

Reading My Report

What is a Naborly Report? 

A Naborly Report is a report detailing a comprehensive screening of applicant(s) to your rental property. It is an analysis of over 500 data points and is the most accurate tenant screening algorithm to date. Naborly Reports include identity and employment verification, credit summaries directly pulled from Equifax, and help you make a decision regarding a tenant’s suitability to your properties.

How does the Naborly score work?

The Naborly score is a cumulative score of over 500 variables analyzed in order to provide landlords with the best possible tenants. Learn more about our Screening Process. The Naborly score is ranked out of 100 and colour coded to help you understand the report. It takes into account the credit score as well as the other pivoting variables depending on the applicant’s answer.

Where does the credit history portion of the report come from?

All of our credit reports are powered by Equifax, North America’s leading credit reporting agency.

The Screening Report

Does Naborly provide Customer Support?

We are proud to offer customer support 7 days a week, 8am-8pm EST. Contact us by phone, live chat or email.

Does Naborly call references? 

Naborly makes employment reference calls on your behalf to help us verify income and employment of the applicant. Our goal is to verify using the data we find on the applicant through our partnerships (tax records, employment history records, credit, etc). If we’re unable to verify this information, one of our Tenant Screeners will reach out to the references provided.

Naborly does not call personal references or previous landlords. After a few thousand screenings we found that these calls actually made our results less accurate due to the limited ability to verify the identity of the person we’re speaking with.

What happens if a tenant has submitted incorrect documentation and is unresponsive?

Sometimes tenants provide incomplete, incorrect or even fraudulent documents. In these cases, we may require more information from the applicant. You as the landlord or property manager will always be included on all email communication that goes between our customer support team and the applicant. On occasion when an applicant is unresponsive we follow up the next day. If we haven’t heard back from the applicant within 48 hours, we let you know and complete the application with unverified documentation – often leading to a low score.

Technical Support

How can I access my Naborly Dashboard?

Click here.

How do I change/update my email address? 

The email address used to sign up for Naborly is your username. If you need to make any changes or updates, please contact

Note: Naborly will send the completed Tenant Report directly to the listed email. Please ensure your account is associated with the most suitable contact information.

I forgot my password!

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