Beyond Credit.

Our system and data analysts have reviewed over 1.2 million rental applications and the subsequent tenant outcomes from those screenings. We can conclusively say that “Bad Credit” does not always indicate a “Bad Tenant”, and “Good Credit” does not always indicate a “Good Tenant”.

To solve the gap between credit and accurate tenant risk analysis we had to develop a new approach.

Every Naborly Screening Report includes the basic credit and criminal background reports. However, we go further to gather and review as much verifiable information on your potential tenants as possible. The combination of this additional data, Naborly’s trained anti-fraud analysts, and our Machine Intelligence System allows us to verify Identity, Employment, and Income, then summarize all relevant risks a landlord should be aware of when deciding who to rent to.


Naborly has engineered and deployed the foundational infrastructure that powers modern landlords, property managers, and all major RentTech software platforms.

AI Powered Data Gathering & Analysis

Our Applied Artificial Intelligence system learns from and leverages the experience gained from screening thousands of rental applicants and their tenancy outcomes. This helps Naborly's analysts and customers see patterns of risk that could only can be detected by our AI.

Accurate & Equitable Scores

Unlike a credit score, Naborly's Scoring System adjusts based on each applicant's unique situation, the rental property's characteristics, and the state of the market. This allows Naborly to generate accurate analysis on nearly all applicants, while removing traditional factors of discrimination. Tenants and landlords can be assured that all Naborly algorithms are audited to meet and exceed Fair Housing and FCRA Compliance.

Improved Record Keeping & Data Sharing

Naborly's open_DOOR database system democratizes rental record keeping by allowing tenants, landlords, and property managers to share positive feedback, verified disputes, evictions, and judgements on an unified global database. By sharing more positive and negative information, both tenants and landlords have more transparency before entering into a contract.

Universal Digital Applications

Our standardized digital application makes applying simple for tenants and landlords. Fully compliant across the US & Canada, it ensures that we're asking the most important questions and not infringing on Privacy or Fair Housing Laws.

Universal Tenant Profiles

When a tenant completes our online application their information is saved to their Private Tenant Profile or "Renter's Resume". This allows landlords to provide feedback and endorsements for the tenant who can use their profile to apply to future rentals with their verified rental history. This eliminated tedious printing, scanning, and faxing of documents, and the system even allows them to apply to landlords that don't use Naborly.

Bank-Grade Privacy & Security

All customer data from Naborly's landlords, tenants, and API Partners are protected by state-of-the-art data security infrastructure and leading compliance controls to ensure that any information entrusted to Naborly is only accessible to authenticated, credentialed recipients and always with our customers express permission.


Our goal was to ensure that our technology is not only useful but accessible to everyone. In that spirit, we designed our application and screening system to work as seamlessly as possible with the existing application process landlords and tenants are familiar with.

How It Works

We make screening is easy as A, B, C,...D.

1. Landlord sends invite.

Naborly provides landlords with an online rental application form they can send to potential tenants. Landlords must use our application in order for Naborly to get the tenant's consent.

2. Tenants apply online.

Tenants securely provide their employment, financial, and rental history information allowing Naborly to verify their identity, income and employment.

3. Naborly runs the check.

As soon as the applicant clicks ‘Submit’ Naborly pulls credit, criminal records, and rental history records, then analyzes the applicant’s risk profile.

4. Landlord receives report.

Within minutes the results are delivered for the landlord to review so you can make the right tenant decision, faster than ever.

Bad tenants end and peace of mind begins with Naborly.
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